Mist eliminator covers oil mist eliminator and mist eliminator filter

Mist eliminators for gas-liquid separation can be stainless steel, PP, Monel.

Boegger Industrial Limited as one leading supplier and manufacturer of mist eliminators is located in Anping, China. With the advanced equipment and latest technology, we supply all kinds of demisters, such as oil mist eliminators, mist eliminators filter, chrome demisters, pad mist eliminators and fiber bed mist eliminators.

Mist eliminators are widely used in industrial and chemical fields with various features and advantages. The application samples cover scrubbers, separators, knock-out drums, natural gas cleaning, flue gas cleaning, distillation, absolution and GDU columns, exhaust system for a bio-reactor vessel, evaporation processes, steam drying and process vessels.

Mist eliminator filter is designed to remove oil mist and water droplets from the air. It is made out of aluminum, galvanized steel and stainless steel materials. Its thickness is available from 2" to 12", with a wide variety of sizes, for example: 20 × 20 × 2. Oil mist eliminator eliminates all visible oil mist created by machines before the mist is expelled into the ambient environment. It is widely used in chemical plasma series and mechanical pumps. With support grids at the top and bottom, pad mist eliminator is used to remove entrained moisture in the effluent gas stream. Fiber bed mist eliminator is made out of dense layers of micron size fibers placed between two concentric cylindrical cages. It is high efficiency separators that are able to collect droplets at submicron level.

The most popular product:

Mist eliminator filter in glass fiber -32 SWG material, density 15.3/4 LBS/CFT, contact surface 400 m2/m3, Size 52cm width × 150cm length × thickness 4 cm; 55 cm width × 167 cm length × thickness 4 cm.
Mist Pads 12 inch × 14 inch × 4 inch made from stainless steel used in evaporator for processing oily coolant water.
Mist eliminator filters and coalesce filter, material of 304 ss or 316 ss.
Stainless steel demister pad, high 4 inch, diameter 12 inch, wire diameter 0.011", density 8.6 lb/linear ft.
Mesh mist eliminator density 9 lb/ft. material ASTM B 164 N0440 wire diameter 0.28, 12 inch wide type of mesh pleated.
Mist eliminator 6 inches, 2 layer crinkled mesh pad, top layer 3 inch thick @12 lb/ft3 , bottom layer 3 inch thick 9 lb/ft3 , diameter 30inch/ 4' × 6'9"/ 10'6" × 10'8".

From this web site, you also can find the technology support of our products, such as, demister pad specifications and mist eliminator features and application. If you want more information, please contact us. When quote or order, please indicate the details of the product attributes like the following:
Pad: demister 12 inch width ×120 inch length × 4 inch thick.
Size: 12 IN WD ×120 IN LG × 4 IN THK.
Material: glass fiber -32 SWG.
Density: 15.3/4 LBS/CFT.
Contact surface: 400 m2/m3.
Free space: 98.5%.
Application for fine entrainment.

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Mist eliminator filter: Mist eliminator filter can be available in aluminum, galvanized steel and stainless steel. The mist eliminator filter is designed to remove oil mist and water droplets from the air.

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Oil mist eliminator typically contain a filter system which condensates the oil from the mist and returns the oil to the machine. These applications are typically found in air separation, power generating, gas transmission and petri-chemical facilities.

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Pad mist eliminator is as mist eliminator solutions for low spec separator applications. made as knitted mesh pad mist eliminator.

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Mist Eliminator knowledge

We supply professional demister pads technical data and drawing to make everything is perfect for our customer requests, also we can supply the installation guidance and maintenance for further application.

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