Mist Eliminators for Droplets Separation in Desulfuration & Separators

Boegger Industech Limited as one leading supplier and manufacturer of mist eliminators is located in Anping, China. With the advanced equipment and latest technology, we supply all kinds of mist eliminators, such as vane/chevron mist eliminators, wire mesh demister pads and flame arrestor elements.

Mist eliminators is designed to remove oil mist and water droplets from the gas stream. The materials of vane pack mist eliminator and wire mesh demister pads can be metal, plastic and FRP. The most popular materials are stainless steel and high performance PP.

A piece of stainless steel vane/chevron mist eliminator.

Metal Vane/Chevron Mist Eliminators

A piece of PP vane/chevron mist eliminator on the ground.

Plastic Vane/Chevron Mist Eliminators

A piece of stainless steel demister pad on the ground.

Metal Wire Mesh Demister Pads

A piece of PP demister pad on the ground.

Plastic Wire Mesh Demister Pad

Where Mist Eliminators Be Use?

Mist eliminators are widely used in industrial and chemical fields with high liquid/droplets separation efficiency and low pressure drop. The applications of mist eliminators cover desulfurizer, scrubbers, separators, knock-out drums, natural gas cleaning, flue gas cleaning, distillation, absolution and GDU columns, exhaust system for a bio-reactor vessel, evaporation processes, steam drying and process vessels.

An internal structure of wet FGD device and each part structures.

Wet Flue Gas Desulfurization (FGD)

An internal structure of three-phase separator device and each part structures

Three-Phase Separator

An internal structure of gas scrubber device and each part structures.

Gas Scrubber

From this web site, you also can find the technology support of our products, such as, demister pad specifications and mist eliminator features and application. If you want more information, please contact us. When quote or order, please indicate the details of the product attributes like the following:

Products wire mesh demister pads
Pad size demister 12 inch width ×120 inch length × 4 inch thick.
Material glass fiber -32 SWG.
Density 15.3/4 LBS/CFT.
Contact surface 400 m²/m³.
Free space 98.5%.
Application for fine entrainment.
Produtos quentes
Alta qualidade névoa eliminador
A SS material mist eliminator with 2 sections.

Eliminador Névoa

Nós fornecemos eliminadores de névoa em palhetas tipo e fio malha desembaçador almofadas. Estão disponíveis na instalação vertical & horizontal para a eficiência alta da separação.

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A stainless steel vane demister pad on the ground.

Palhetas/Chevron Névoa Eliminador

Nós fornecemos eliminadores de névoa tipo palheta em aço inoxidável e plásticos. Diferentes projetos e estruturas de lâminas podem ser personalizados para projetos específicos do cliente.

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A round mist eliminator with 4 sections and grids.

Eliminadores Névoa Pad

Pad névoa eliminador é como névoa eliminador soluções para baixo spec separador aplicações. Feito como malha malha pad névoa eliminador.

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Conhecimento completo eliminador névoa

Conhecimento Névoa Eliminator

Nós fornecemos dados técnicos profissionais do desembaçador almofadas e o desenho para fazer tudo é perfeito para nossos pedidos do cliente, igualmente nós podemos fornecer a orientação e a manutenção da instalação para a aplicação mais adicional.

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