Mist Eliminators – High Separation Efficiency for Liquid and Particles

A wire mesh demister pad and a vane type mist eliminator on gray background.

Mist eliminators (droplet separators) are used to remove the liquid droplet and dust or fine particles from horizontal and vertical gas stream. They are widely used in evaporators, rectification and scrubbing columns.

We have rich experience in manufacturing mist eliminators, which have the highest separation efficiency, best product quality and minimum pressure drop. Our qualified mist eliminators can guarantee the separation of droplets with diameters below 10 μm.

We have wide ranges of mist eliminators in different materials, filtering efficiency and sizes. Besides, we can supply tailor made solutions to our customers projects.

Ranges of Our Mist Eliminators

Several pieces of stainless steel vane type mist eliminators are placed in the warehouse.

Vane/Chevron Type Mist Eliminators

We offer vane type mist eliminators in plastic (PP, PE, ETFE, PVDF) and and stainless steel (SS304, SS316Ti) materials.

They are widely used to separate liquid droplets or dust from gas or vapour streams in horizontal or vertical flow direction.

They maintain high separation efficiency and low pressure drop even in high gas or vapour velocities conditions

Best for applications:

  • Gas cooling towers
  • Scrubbers and distillation towers
  • Dryers
  • Power plants
  • Evaporators
A piece of stainless steel wire mesh demister pad on the ground.

Wire Mesh Demister Pads

We offer wire mesh demister pad in various steel (stainless steel, monel, nickel, etc.) and high quality plastics.

They are designed to remove liquid entrainment from gas streams and available in horizontal and vertical installations.

They performs perfect separation efficiency and low pressure drop particularly in moderate gas velocities.

Best for applications:

  • Desulfurization
  • Denitration tower
  • Scrubbing system and absorbers
  • Evaporators
  • Stream drums

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