Stainless Steel Demister Pad for Filter Company In Indonesia

Company: a filter company in Indonesia.
Product: Wire mesh demister pad.
Quantity: 3 sets.

Client is a filter and scrubber company in Indonesia. They have a high requirements for the mesh pad, but our company do it as customer required. At the start cooperation, customer is not believe in us, as it is our first cooperation. After a further communication, we build the first cooperation, supplied customer high quality products and good service. Now, we have good cooperation with regular order.

Here is their requirements and specification:

  • Material certificate, certificate of compliance (COC) and warranty letter.
  • Boegger guarantees that the goods are new, free from defects and fully in accordance with the order requirements. The guarantee period is 24 months after receipt with a minimum of 12 months after putting into service, whichever comes first.
  • The material certificate guarantees that the materials supplied are in accordance with the specifications stipulated in the final purchase order and this certificate is valid throughout the life time of the material supplied on condition that the materials are used in accordance with the said specifications.

Wire mesh pad

  • Material: SS316.
  • Diameter: 1050 mm.
  • Pad thickness: 150 mm (NOT including grid height).
  • Pad thickness: 200 mm (including grid height).
  • Flat grids dimension: 25 mm × 3 mm.
  • Round grid: 6 mm diameter.
  • Design pressure: 100 psig.
  • Design temp: 150 F.
  • Quantity: 3 sets.
10 stainless steel 316 wire mesh demister pads are made already.
Stainless steel mesh demister pad with grids.
Wire mesh pads are packed in wooden case.
Wire mesh demister pad with wooden case packing for transportation.

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