Fiber Bed Mist Eliminators Processes Generate Finer Droplets

Fiber bed mist eliminators are made out of dense layers of micron size fibers placed between two concentric cylindrical cages. Fiber bed mist eliminators can meet a wide range of application and industry requirements. And fiber bed mist eliminators are available in Energy Saver, High Efficiency, and Field Pack designs.

Fiber bed mist eliminators are the best choice when some industrial processes generate finer droplets than a composite mesh pad mist eliminator can contain. These devices utilize fine fibers along with a concept commonly known as diffusion or Brownian motion. The particulate will impinge upon the media before it reaches the outlet. This is due to the density of the media and the velocity of the air stream. The liquids coalesce in the fiber material and drains to the bottom.

These devices are typically a vertical cylinder, and should be protected by a pre-filter device. Fiber Bed Eliminators are very efficient as a final control device for sources with high Hydrochloric Acid emissions.

Features of the Fiber Bed Mist Eliminator
Include a pre-filter section to protect main filters; blower inside housing for quieter operation; 10 gauge heavy duty construction; easy to read pressure gauges; hinged doors for easy access; small filter footprint for ease of handling (no forklift required); blower discharge from either top or side of unit for easy installation.
Fiber Bed Mist Eliminators are high efficiency separators that are able to collect droplets at submicron level. They are available as cylindrical elements and can be manufactured in a broad range of materials.

The Fiber Bed Mist Eliminator can be used on a variety of applications including cold heading, electrical discharge machines, hot forging, and parts washers. The unit exceeds OSHA standards, being able to comply even when OSHA updates the standards.

A fiber material mist eliminator with flange.
Fiber mist eliminators.
Three fiber material mist eliminators with flange on ground.
Fiber mist eliminator.
Two fiber glass mist eliminator with flange.
Fiber glass mist eliminators.
Noe fiber bed mist eliminator with flange.
Fiber bed mist eliminators.

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