Lista produtos Névoa Eliminador

A SS material mist eliminator with 2 sections.

Mist Eliminator

We supply mist eliminators in vane type and wire mesh demister pads. They are available in vertical & horizontal installation for high separation efficiency.

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A stainless steel vane demister pad on the ground.

Vane/Chevron Mist Eliminator

We supply vane type mist eliminators in stainless steel and plastics. Different blade designs and structures can be tailor made to customers specific projects.

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A round mist eliminator with 4 sections and grids.

Pad Mist Eliminators

Pad mist eliminator is as mist eliminator solutions for low spec separator applications. made as knitted mesh pad mist eliminator.

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Four different sizes of flame arrestor elements.

Flame Arrestor Element

Flame arrestor element is made of wound corrugated and flat metal strips. It is designed as the core of flame arrestor to prevent the spread of fire.

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A PP material mist eliminator  with 4 sections and empty hole inside

Mist Eliminator Filter

Mist eliminator filter: Mist eliminator filter can be available in aluminum, galvanized steel and stainless steel. The mist eliminator filter is designed to remove oil mist and water droplets from the air.

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A PTFE material mist eliminator with 6 sections.

Oil Mist Eliminator

Oil mist eliminator typically contain a filter system which condensates the oil from the mist and returns the oil to the machine. These applications are typically found in air separation, power generating, gas transmission and petri-chemical facilities.

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Three fiber material mist eliminators with flange on ground.

Fiber Bed Mist Eliminators

Fiber bed mist eliminator is also called fiber bed mist eliminator. Mist eliminator is a fiber bed into which mist laden gases enter, and out of which emerges a clean gas stream and a separated liquid stream.

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