Mist Eliminators In Boiler Drum

Mist eliminators design parameters:
Service: to be installed in boiler steam drum for separating the water droplets from saturated steam.
Steam flow rate: 80 ton/hr. (Normal).
Operating pressure: 25-26Kg/cm2.
Operating temperature: 2300C.
Liquid density: 825Kg/M3.
Vapour density: 14.5Kg/M3.
Liquid viscosity: 0.185cp at 1500C.
System constant: 0.1067.

Mist Eliminator Specifications:
Mesh type: 4120 × 380 or equivalent.
Material: AIS 304.
Density: 192Kg/M3.
Surface Area: 377M2.
Voids: 97.6 %.
Wire surface area: 350M2 / M3.
Wire thickness: 0.23mm and 0.28mm.
Size: 1414 × 225 × 100.

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