Mist Eliminator Application as Separation in Gas and Liquid

Mist eliminator also named misting elimination is used as the mechanical separation of liquids from gases. It is also used in liquid-liquid separation.

Mist eliminator applications:

  • Scrubbers.
  • Separators.
  • Knock-out drums.
  • Natural gas cleaning.
  • Flue gas cleaning.
  • Distillation, Absolution and GDU columns.
  • Evaporation processes.
  • Steam drying.
  • Process vessels.
  • Improve separation in chemicals, oil and refinery stills.
  • Knock out mist from air and gas scrubbers.
  • Improve efficiency and provide high purity condensate.
  • Essentially eliminate product loss and provide high purity condensate.
  • Remove mist from jet exhaust.
  • Remove condensate and oil from compressed gas.
  • Remove contamination from compressor feed.
  • Remove condensate and solids carryover, give clean dry steam.
  • Knock out the plume from vent stacks.
  • Collect soluble dusts which can then be washed from the separator by a liquid spray.
  • Break certain dispersions and emulsions so that subsequent gravity settling will be effective.
  • As coalescing agents, it can remove microscopic droplets of one immiscible liquid from another.